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Pratibha Garewal is a New York based, Indian born CPA who found a deeper sense of religion and artistic instinct after being diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1999.

“We Hindus believe that God is in everything; I choose to see beauty in everything and that way, enhance my connection to Him. The colors and patterns that occur in nature have always been my inspiration. Flowers bring both symmetry and chaos together into one point. We go through life, day by day, with chaos swirling inside of us and around us. My paintings attempt to recreate the peace, calm, and solace that comes with knowing we are on a slow path towards meeting and knowing Him.”

Pratibha's primary medium consists of watercolors, but has created several multimedia pieces, having forayed into the work of acrylics and alcohol inks.


She consistently exhibits at the Westport and Lyndhurst art shows in Connecticut and New York and her paintings have hung on display in the Katonah Museum and the Northern Westchester Hospital for several years.

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